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downeys farm

jumping pillow before
jumping pillow after
jumping pillow kids
Kids Love It

We used Indikon jumping pillow products from Theme Park Supplies for the first time this year with amazing results. The pillows were only 2 years old but were already starting to look old and faded. We couldn't get them clean and they were all scratched from the sand on the kid's feet. It took a bit of scrubbing with the Maxi Clean and then the Speed Clean restorer but it was worth the effort. The two pillows were actually clean again. Then we put the Poly Guard on and WOW. The color and shine came right back and the pillows looked new again. The kids couldn't wait to get on them again. They're a big draw for the farm.

These products are now part of our regular pillow maintenance. It's a lot cheaper than replacing the pillows every few years. Thanks for all your help.

John M. Downey
Downey's Farm Market


johnson farms

They say a picture is worth 1000 words!
Well, here are 2 pictures! I know,Bla,Bla,Bla,

Unrestored Inflatable Pillow
Restored Inflatable Pillow

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Used Maxi Clean, Speed Clean Restorer and 2 coats Poly Guard UV Protector...worked very well.